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Catch the Vision for Success!

Sessions #1 and #2 establish Toni’s full vision for the remote leasing strategy. It’s very important that you begin your remote leasing coaching here, then return to complete your training through each of the remaining sessions.


All 15 Coaching Sessions

Video and audio training, downloadable tools, step-by-step instructions, ready-to-roll graphics, it’s all right here!

RL1: 8 Truths to Lease By

#1 – Start here!

Core Training – This is your first step towards mastering Remote Leasing as Toni summarizes the entire strategy behind this program. See the big picture, then as you will have a greater understanding of each step’s importance.

RL2: CSR Marketing Impact

#2 – This is your critical second step

In this second core training session you will discover how to center your character and core value message with purpose-driven marketing as the key component. Make sure you complete this seesion before moving on to any other session.

RL3: Social Story Messaging

Write a love story

Toni’s 17 Key Strategies for content building and telling the love story of life at your community.

RL4: Value-Add Words

WORDS become our greatest advantage in building value in our community. How we personally see, and define our community, influences the consumers perception with measurable ROI.

RL5: Interview Skills - Telephone

Coming soon…

RL6: Re-Invented Follow-up

Coming soon…


RL7: "New Normal" Protocols

Coming soon…

RL8: Audio-Tour, Podcasting

Coming soon…

RL9: Video Best Practices WWWWH

Coming soon…

RL10: Staging the Front Porch

Coming soon…

RL11: Staging the Self-Guided Tour Protocol

Coming soon…

RL12: Staging the Self-Guided Tour, Closing on the First Visit

Coming soon…

RL13: Staging Points of Interest

Coming soon…

RL14: Staging Reviews

Coming soon…

RL15: Pinteresting Design Ideas

Coming soon…

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