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LEP Badge of Honor

Introducing: LEP Badge of Honor

Let’s make it a badge of HONOR to support education. Begin a tradition each January to reward LEP with their new annual badge of honor as they sign on to support your new educational calendar. Provide a special name tag or ribbon for meetings, allow them to display it on their website, collateral material, and present them with a framed certificate to display in their office.

We’ve Made Sponsorship Easy

Enlist Local Educational Partners

Sponsorships not only support your event but also help local suppliers who are needing to get the word out on their product, especially this year! You can use this flyer when you approach a potential sponsor.

We would be happy to customize this graphic with YOUR event logo and information!

Email / Letter Copy

Here is a sample email / letter that has been used by many event planners in their communications with possible sponsors. It’s in WORD format so that you can edit it with your own details.

Free Multi-Media Marketing eBook by Toni Blake

This guide provides over 100 fresh ideas on how to host a successful event. The proven tips and best practices presented by Toni will simplify the daunting tasks of working with budgets, speakers, facility set-up, sponsorships, social media marketing, and more. You can produce measurable results with your next educational event starting today!

TotallyToni is your partner, too!

TotallyToni Educational Scholarship

We are pleased to offer a limited TotallyToni Scholarship Fund to qualifying non-profit organizations that book their event with Toni.  Apply today!

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