Toni Blake is a popular international speaker, consultant, author and comedienne inspiring thousands of multifamily apartment industry professionals every year. With over 30 years of training experience, her “laugh while you learn” approach has made Toni one of the most sought-after experts in her field …

Take the Challenge

This is about small moments with one person reaching out and sharing kindness, compassion and cooperation.

Conventional Housing Seminars

Toni tours with the Apartment All Stars, has presented at The National Apartment Association and many other state and local conventional housing associations. She knows how to elevate your team’s performance and drive revenue. She brings motivation, inspiration, humor, personal development skills and relationship strategies to every event.

Affordable Housing Seminars

Toni is a popular Keynote for affordable housing conferences and management firms around the country. She has been the featured Keynote at many national, state and local affordable housing associations. She brings motivation, inspiration, humor, personal development skills and relationship strategies to every event.


Toni began her career onsite and will be celebrating 40 years of dedicated research on developing education around the front line performance. She assists many of her clients post seminar with implementation plans and offers a variety of motivational employee engagement plans to maintain team momentum.

For the Meeting Planner

Toni provides 5 FREE Consulting hours, graphic design and promotional expertise to assist you in your planning process. Let’s get started today! Call Today!

Office 866-889-6600 • Toni’s Cell 970-371-6203 • 9am-5pm MOUNTAIN time zone

Free Multi-Media Marketing eBook by Toni Blake

This guide provides over 100 fresh ideas on how to host a successful event. The proven tips and best practices presented by Toni will simplify the daunting tasks of working with budgets, speakers, facility set-up, sponsorships, social media marketing, and more. You can produce measurable results with your next educational event starting today!

TotallyToni Educational Scholarship

We are pleased to offer a limited TotallyToni Scholarship Fund to qualifying organizations that book their event with Toni. Scholarships are awarded to select non-profit organizations. Contact us to qualify today!

“Our team was so refreshed and full of great ideas after Toni’s seminar on how to be the BEST Choice in Columbus Ohio. Thank You, Thank You!”
Jennifer Hinder Cooper

V.P of Operations , Homestead American

“You are an amazing woman and one of the most influential people I have ever met in the industry! Seeing you speak to an audience in person showed me why you are so successful. Your energy is contagious and leaves everyone wanting more!”
Brittnet Macom

Manager, Fairfield Properties

“High energy and expert industry knowledge is what you get with Toni Blake. Reignite the passion in your teams with her easy to implement ideas and powerful insights. Every week at Apartment Leasing Fabulous Fundamentals on Facebook brings something new and excited when you add Toni to your team!!!”
Cindi Pennington

Manager, KMG Prestige

“There is no speaker that can even compare to Toni Blake’s knowledge or her energy/personality. While half of our company was falling asleep listening to others during our conference, Toni Blake definitely woke them up. They were alert and paying attention. She absolutely rocked our meeting. There is only one Totally Toni Blake.”
Nermina Krajina

Property Manager, Burton Carol Management

TotallyToni Gives Back

Giving back at TotallyToni is inspired by a deep since of appreciation for all we have in our life and compassion to make a positive difference in our world. Serving others encourages us to look beyond ourselves and express of our humanity as an engaged citizen of our global community.

Feeding those in Need

Toni Global Reach is partnered with Edesia nutrition. Since production began in 2010, their lifesaving foods have reached over 5.5 million children in over 50 countries.

How Toni Gives Back

Each corporate member of Toni e-Demand becomes a Global Reach Partner, contributing a percentage of their membership cost to save the lives of malnourished children around the world.

How You Can Help

Anyone can donate. Donations to Edesia help us extend our reach to even more vulnerable and malnourished children worldwide. Just  $50 represents one box of lifesaving ready-to-use therapeutic food, which rehabilitates one child suffering from severe acute malnutrition for about seven weeks.

Membership has its Benefits!

Discover transformative micro-lessons available through e-learning with inspiring content that engages employees and drives revenue weekly!

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