Join Toni Blake for an 8-Week Kindness Challenge. Together we can create a positive resource to move the world toward good with one million positive social posts hashtags #1Mmoments.  This is about small moments with one person reaching out and sharing kindness, compassion and cooperation. I believe there are kind people all over the world just looking for a plan of action. Here it is! Thanks for being one in a million!

Kindness Challenge ONE

This week’s lesson in Human School is about being friendly, how to make a new friend, the importance of using names, and making them a VIP.

Practicing Friendship

GPS apps help you to easily find what is nearby. Is it possible that there are new friends nearby? It’s amazing what we can find when we look for it…

Kindness Challenge TWO

This week’s lesson in Human School is about creating good in the world around you by sharing happy thoughts, songs, smiles, helpful hands, even stickers – whatever it takes to put people on a positive train of thought.

Share a Happy Thought

Getting people to change their train of thought, to pull them off of a negative thought onto a happy thought, changes their entire direction and may even change their life…

Check back each week for NEW Kindness Challenges!

Set an alarm to check each week for your next Kindness Challenge. New lessons will be added each Friday for the next eight weeks. Thank you so much for standing up to be counted as one in a million!

Print Stickers

Click on the image above then save it to your computer. Upload the file to your label print provider of your choice. NOTE: The label is meant to be printed as a 2″x2″ but the sticker in the upload is actually 2.5″x2.5″ to allow for trim.

Join Toni


  • Set an alarm for each Friday to get your Kindness Challenge
  • Ask friends, family, co-workers and clients to join you in the Kindness Challenge
  • Create 5 social posts and add #1Mmoments
  • Bring the Kindness Challenge to your company culture
  • Print 1Mmoments Stickers to share. Download the sticker print file >>HERE
  • Practice kindness and help add one million moments of positive change to our world.


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