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Whether this is your first time on a planning committee, or you stopped counting years ago, you’re here for one reason: You have a heart to serve your organization. You believe in its values. You are a part of its mission. You want to pass all of that on to a new generation.
Deleted: Meet your new partner, Toni Blake.
Deleted: Toni is in her fourth decade of working with meeting planners, and knows the inner workings of a highly successful event: pre-planning clarity, skilled delegation, financial responsibility, and of course, selecting the right speaker. You’ve come to the right place!

A Personal Meeting Message From Toni

Toni recorded this message to share with your committee. Contact Us for scheduling Toni to join your meeting LIVE!


Multi-Media Event Planning Guide

Begin your event preparation by downloading this complete guide for planning a successful meeting. With nearly 100 pages of tips, tricks, and a wealth of industry wisdom, Toni gives you everything you need to make sure you’ve covered all of the important details.

2024 Update

Here is your 2024 update to the ever-popular Multi-Media Event Planning Guide with fresh ideas and enthusiasm from Toni Blake.

  • 10 Quick Successful Seminar Marketing Tips
  • 8 Step Marketing Pathway
  • New 2024 Sponsor Marketing Plan
  • New 2024 Post-Event Marketing Follow-up


Easy access to decision making tools and printable promotional materials starts here…

Choose Seminar Content

Every year, Toni researches the issues that are making the largest impact on her industry to create educational presentations that are smart, helpful and entertaining. Open Toni’s Newest Programs Here

Affordable Housing

Toni has programs geared specifically towards affordable housing to meet the unique challenges and opportunitties of this very important industry. Open Toni’s Affordable Housing Programs Here

Review Appearance Fees

While Toni’s rates have not risen in over five years, interest in having her speak is at an all-time high. Check out the fee structure, and then talk to Toni about creative ideas to make your best event ever more financially manageable.

Printable Bio

Helpful to the person introducing Toni at your event, you can print it down and hand it to them to read, or send them the web address to access from their device.

Promo Photo

This is a full print resolution photo that can be used in either your printed materials or web announcements. Please contact our office if you need a banner-sized image.

Scholarship Application

This program is compassionately geared towards smaller associations that do not have the revenue potential of larger groups, and could not otherwise afford a national speaker.

Educational Partners

Toni has a proven plan to engage key suppliers to underwrite your event, and has included it in her very popular Multi-Media Event Marketing Guide. See examples and download the free guide here.


Toni is followed by over 43,000 industry professionals. With over a half million views of her videos on social media, Toni Blake has proven to be a trusted industry voice that people want to hear.






Toni consistently rates over four out of five stars in post-event surveys conducted by the meeting planning committees.

Survey results and comments from the 2022 Texas Apartment Association Educational Conference (53% responding):

  • “Always enjoy listening to Toni, love the energy!”
  • “Toni was amazing, energetic and fun!”
  • “Wish it was longer”
  • “Toni is always excellent”
  • “Can do Toni do an all-day seminar? Please?!”
  • “Very motivated, enjoyed seminar”
  • “I was so inspired, I can’t wait to download and use the resources.”
  • “Loved the positive energy that was shown/given”
  • “Keep her forever. Her energy makes the seminar great”
  • Content met program objective – 100%
  • Speaker was knowledgeable – 100%
  • Speaker communicated clearly and effectively – 100%

Toni’s Latest Work

Ready Resources

Check out Toni’s free videos on YouTube and Social Media designed to inspire at your upcoming team meeting. Stay updated with new content by subscribing.

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