Toni Blake will accommodate whatever speaking schedule you need. While fees are usually based on the amount of time that Toni is involved, we have developed several plans that help make hosting a national speaker affordable for smaller companies and associations.

Fees: The cost of having Toni speak at your event will usually involve a program fee, overnight accommodations, airfare, and transportation from/to your airport. Toni works hard to keep her travel costs as low as possible and does not bill you for personal conveniences. She’ll gladly stay in a corporate apartment if one is available, flies coach, and doesn’t give you a long list of things to provide. Toni considers all of the time in your city from arrival to departure as your time. She will meet with your team for a dinner Q&A, help set up the room, or MC your awards dinner.

Promotions:​ There are two reasons why groups repeatedly tell us their attendance was higher with Toni than with other speakers in the past: 1) Toni’s reputation, 2) Toni’s contribution to promotions. The TotallyToni Team stands ready to provide these promotional tools at no additional cost:

  • ​Audio and/or video promotional message easily emailed, or embedded, that combines all of Toni’s enthusiasm with your event logistics.
  • Customized graphics that match Toni’s session titles, and can also include your logistics, event theme, sponsor logos, event logos.
  • Social media announcements on Facebook for your page and Toni’s pages.
  • Toni will contact up to ten of your association members with personal phone calls and emails to encourage their participation in your event.

TotallyToni Educational Scholarship Fund: A TotallyToni Scholarship may be available to your qualifying non-profit organization. Applications are reviewed by the TotallyToni Scholarship Committee. Click here to submit an application.

Educational Partners: “Educational Partners” is the name of Toni’s program to assist you in soliciting vender sponsors for your event. Let Toni know if your event is appropriate for sponsorships and she will talk you through the entire process and give you everything you need.

Consultant Packages:​ Live seminar can be heavily discounted – even FREE when combined with a 3, 6, or 12 month consultation package. The consultation packages are great because they take Toni’s ideas from the live seminar and turn them into carefully scripted implementation plans scheduled at a pace that your teams can easily handle and enjoy. Every consultation plan is custom-built between you and Toni based on your particular needs. The cost will take into consideration such things as the number of projects that Toni leads your teams in, and Toni’s interaction with your teams through telephone training, Skype, or on-site participation. This is by far your best “bang for the buck”!

Basic Program Fee Structure:​

Full-Day Seminar (up to 6 hrs) $5950.00

Half-Day Seminar (morning schedule may be required, up to 3 hrs) $4450.00

Keynote (morning schedule required, 1-2 hours) $3950.00

Dinner Meeting / Comedy (2 nights may be required, up to 1 hour) $3450.00                      Complimentary with full and half day programs

Call 866-889-6600 for collaborative, multi-city or non-profit pricing.

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