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• Journey to Leasing Excellence

• Remote Leasing

• Focus on Fair Housing (with Anne Sadovsky)

• 10 Initiatives

•The Kindness Challenge 2020


Journey to Leasing Excellence

Mastering the Shopping Report is key to any leasing career, and the Journey to Leasing Excellence is the perfect guide. Watching all 50 session videos would be ideal, but what if there is a specific area where you need to improve your scores? Toni has already thought of this and has created playlists specific to your need.

One-click on the playlist title below launches the team member immediately into the suggested micro-blast coaching sessions by Toni Blake.

The Shopping Report Playlist (All 50 Lessons)

Other Playlists in this series include:

  • The Shopping Report: Orientation Playlist
  • The Shopping Report: Executive Summary Playlist
  • The Shopping Report: Excellence in Telephone Playlist
  • The Shopping Report: The Yes Path Playlist
  • The Shopping Report: Establishing Relationships Playlist
  • The Shopping Report: Closing Playlist

Stay Current

  1. Basics
  2. Office Protocol
  3. Emotional Support Animals
  4. Criminal Background Checks
  5. Accommodations and Modifications
  6. Violence Against Women Act
  7. Occupancy Standards
  8. Dealing with Hoarding
  9. Smoking, Cooking, Marijuana (new)
  10. Sexual Harassment (new)
  11. Fake Document Alert (new)
  12. Dealing with Disabilities (new)
  13. More coming soon…

15 Timely Lessons

Toni’s newest series is so timely right now. Remote Leasing is the wave to the future, and learning how to adapt to our changing times will keep you on target with your goals.

Toni's Newest!

This New Remote Leasing series is still being built, but we are pleased to offer you a sneak peak! New content coming soon!

1. 8 Truths to Lease By (new)

2. CSR Marketing Impact (new)

3. Social Story Messaging (new)

4. Value-Addd Words (new)

12 more sessions coming soon…

5. Interview Guide: A Second Person Conversation
6. Re-INVENTED Value-ADD Follow-up
7. New Normal Protocols for Remote Leasing
8. Podcasting Best Practices
9. Video & Best Practices – Who, What, Where & How-to
10. Remote Leasing Staging – Front Porch
11. Staging the New Protocol in a Self-Guided Tour
12. Staging The Close on 1st Visit
13. Staging Points of Interest in a Self-Guided Tour
14. Staging the Reviews in a Self-Guided tour
15. Let’s GO Shopping – Pinteresting Design Ideas

Coronavirus Leadership: 10 Initiatives

This timely webinar comes packed with information and resources to assist your teams in addressing the impacts of the global pandemic on their local level. Featured is Mindy Price of J Turner Research. After you watch the webinar, scroll down on the page to find the presentation slides, CDC information, posters, graphics, and the J Turner Research study “Multifamily Insights on COVID-19.”


Kindness Challenge

New for 2020!

Join Toni Blake for eight all new Kindness Challenges. Together we can create a positive resource to move the world toward good with one million positive social posts hashtags #1Mmoments.  This is about small moments with one person reaching out and sharing kindness, compassion and cooperation. I believe there are kind people all over the world just looking for a plan of action. Here it is! Thanks for being one in a million!


Every day there are reasons to go the the Library!

Check this out. We’ve created a few lists of how Toni e-Demand can help you in your every day life. When you encounter a problem, there is a very good chance that the Library has the solution you need…

“Toni blows my mind every week! The lessons are amazing and so simple. They have taken my leasing career from just leasing apartments to leasing with excellence, and make my community and myself stand out from the competition.”

~ Joshua Gault

Choose a Plan that Works for Your Team

Toni e_Demand is built with team success in mind. Teams work together, support one another, leverage one another’s strengths, and inspire each other to new heights. Choose the team program below that best suits your team structure.


If you do not see the answer to your question please contact our support team at

How does the membership work?

All content is available to team members. We recommend they use their work computer rather than their phone for the best experience. Simply log in through the Member Portal at You will be directed to your home page. All content is accessed from this page.

How often do you release new content?

Toni is constantly developing fresh content and adding it to your library. Watch for emails announcing new content, or simply visit your home page to see what has been added.

How do we add company content to our home page?

Simply contact our office to discuss your content project with the TotallyToni Team. We’ll work with you to make your vision a reality. Building company-specific content into your Toni e-Demand library is a great way to build interaction by your team members.

Can I cancel at any time?

Toni e-Demand is an annual subscription that we are confident will benefit your teams far beyond the membership price over the course of that year. However, we give you 30 days to examine the wealth of content. If you truly do not believe it will benefit your teams we will be glad to refund your membership cost.

What if I have trouble accessing my home page?

Please contact our support team at for assistance. We will be happy to research your issue.

What if I get stuck on a lesson?

Toni is available to assist you with any of the many projects found in the video coaching sessions. You can ask your question at the live monthly Q&A with Toni and Anne. You can present your question to the community at Toni’s Facebook Group TotallyToni Tell-ALL. Toni is also available for private consultation.

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