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In this session Toni shares how WORDS can become our greatest advantage in building value in our community. How we personally see, and define our community, influences the consumers perception with measurable ROI. Today we begin to re-invent your collateral into WOW follow-up tools for leasing that put you at the TOP of the market.

Toni's Tools

Toni's Interview Guide

Toni’s Interview Guide is designed with questions crafted to inspire a future resident to share their apartment wants and needs. The sequence of these questions is widely field-tested and refined for a smooth interview that provides the leasing professional a consumer-centric second-person discussion about the community. Get started today with the three special tool downloads right here in this coaching session. Download the Interview Guide and the Interview Guide Questions. This gives you a working sample and a WORD document with the questions that you can edit and adapt to  your community’s policies. Also, download the practice assignment to begin using your new interview skills and practicing your new interview questions.


Interview Guide


Interview Guide Questions


Practice Assignment

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