Anne Sadovsky has been in the apartment industry five decades and is a former V P of Marketing and Education for Lincoln Property Company. Her credentials include NAAEI Advanced Facilitator, CAM, and CAPS. She is a contributing writer for many publications, had earned a Texas Real Estate license and certified Speaking credentials from the National Speakers Association. She was named one of the top trainers in the industry by MultiHousing News and both the Brainstorming Conference and the Apartment Association of Greater Dallas have honored Anne with Legends Awards.

Anne has chaired and served on many education committees for major conferences. She has coauthored several books and has flown over three million miles sharing her knowledge and wit, and her success story has been featured in many national magazines including Money, Texas Business and Ladies Home Journal. Anne is multifaceted, offers many topics, shares skills and tools that are life changing, common sense, high energy, fun but no nonsense.

Anne Sadovsky is not an attorney. The contents of this page represent a lifetime of meticulous research, close scrutiny, and vast experience but is not legal advice. Please consult your attorney on all matters of legal ramification.

Anne lives in Dallas with her husband, two funny Chiweinies and two very talkative parrots.

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1 - Basics

  • The 7 Protected Classes
  • Definitions
  • Current Status

2 - Office Protocol

  • Your Fair Housing Poster
  • Where, How, and Language
  • A Tool for Clarification

3 - Emotional Support Animals

  • Service Animals
  • Therapy Animals
  • Emotional Support Animals

4 - Criminal Background Checks

What we can /cannot do in dealing with pospective residents with a criminal history

5 - Accommodations and Modifications

Reasonable accommodations are changes in rules, policies, or services

6 - Violence Against Women Act

Sexual harassment, sexual abuse, and responding compassionately to victims

7 - Occupancy Standards

Ever-changing “famalial” status and what it means to living situations

8 - Dealing with Hoarding

The difference between collecting and hoarding, safety, and setting limits

9 - Smoking, Cooking, Marijuana

Dealing with odors, legalities and complaints

10 - Sexual Harassment

Touching, compliments, staring, whistling, hand signals, joking, slang words, dating…

11 - Fake Document Alert

Emotional suppport animal fakes, and other easily accessible documents

12 - Dealing with Disabilities

Disability occupancy policies, abusive disabled residents, aging adults, caregiver aids…

13 - Holiday & Religious Decor

Outdoor displays, proselytizing, religious symbols, also political signs, clubs, groups

14 - Complaints by Category

Complaints are common, but who complains the most? Find out here!

15 - Fake Documents (update)

There are many fake documents but two specific examples are in the news right now

16 - Accommodation Conversations

Knowing how to have these conversations is the key to dealing with accommodations.

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