By Toni Blake, President, and World-wide FUN-fluencer

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Distractions, Lack of Focus: A Real Fun Party Killer
How often do kids say, “Look, Mom,” to get a parent to focus on their playtime?
According to the research conducted by Catherine Price for her book “The Power of FUN”, distractions are the greatest killer of fun. 2023 research from Juliety reports the average person checks their phone 352 times a day. Our mind is only capable of one thought at a time. If FUN doesn’t have an entire focus, a distraction kills our heartfelt, playful nature. True fun requires you to be present and bring your whole self.

TRUE FUN means jumping in and letting FUN PLAY OUT!!!
Another Fun Party Killer is judgment. If you are judging the value of fun, you may need more time to be ready to have fun. Additionally, our society has become addicted to passive fun, where we are simply observers. Screen time dominates many people’s day, making passive fun too easy and everywhere. A great company culture ensures our teams and residents have opportunities to engage in true fun. How many of our teams and residents attempt to survive loneliness by watching other people have fun?

In January, Trendwatching 2023 Trend Check reported FUN as the ultimate fear antidote! “it makes sense that 72% of Gen Z worldwide now name fun their number one value. The consumer is asking the US how we will help them play. “

Fun produces wellness, a scene of well-being. The absence of fun is terrible for our team’s health and company culture.

• Feelings of chronic anxiety
• Low energy
• Social isolation (through passive fun on a screen)
• Overwhelming feelings of loneliness from the loss of connection

Did you know there is a National Institute for Play? Newsweek featured three articles in 2023 about how play is good for your well-being. Their foremost expert, Stuart Brown, says, “The times we feel the most alive, those that make up the best memories, are moments of play.” If you want to breathe LIFE into your property culture and help your community, feel more alive, it’s time to have FUN!

How to #bringthefun
First, find fun people. As with all skill-based tasks, leaders should evaluate who has the skills to create true fun to engage their team and residents successfully. I’ll bet you are thinking of a few people right now. The FUN people are rarely in charge! Let’s fix that first!

Give FUN a title & budget!
Why not add a new title to your company, Director of FUN, and give them a budget? Allow them to build a FUN Tribe, FUN Squad, FUN Brigade! Also, PICK ME, Toni Blake, to join your FUN! You could establish bonuses based on specific criteria, such as:
• on the number of FUN activities, they successfully implement,
• analytics from FUN social posts, including hashtag #ibringthefun.
• FUN stories they created in your communities and within your company culture.

As a result of current trend reports, I coined the phrase “FUN-fluencer” and started a worldwide movement at (yes, there are .fun websites). I was thrilled to join FUN Fridays with the folks at Chadwell Supply. They have become my National FUN Sponsor. Together, we are spreading fun and inspiring people to become a FUN-fluencer. The power of true fun reduces stress, gives your team fresh energy, and brings a strong sense of connection. Join us on the first FUN Friday of each month to download a new FUN-eBook with free plans, graphics, resources, and ideas to inspire fun with your teams and residents.

Be sure to go back and look at all the available FUN eBook Themes:

Every day we are given time and resources, and each day we decide what we will do with them. Today, I ask you to join me in making true FUN a part of your culture.


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