This is Toni’s most comprehensive presentation of her educational material to date. Focusing on the two biggest challenges facing the front-line staff, Toni equips participants in critical skills and creativity for competing in today’s rapidly changing market. Leasing and Renewals was recorded in the TotallyToni studio to reduce distractions and create an intimate setting with your mentor and coach.

Power of Perspective

Uplifted Leasing

Align your attitude with the mindset of success.

33:29 min

Touring Along the Decision Path

Uplifted Leasing

Build a “whole story” for your customer’s best experience.

25:01 min

Building Confidence In The Renewal Conversation

Uplifted Renewals

Out research your residents with informed reasoning on why they should stay.

36:18 min

Building Your Personal Brand

Uplifted Leasing

Think of yourself as the product and build specific personal skills in how you present and equip yourself for the task at hand.

54:17 min

Character-Driven Community

Uplifted Renewals

More personal development, and Toni takes a deep dive into Closing!

27:54 min

Value Stacking The Resident Experience

Uplifted Renewals

Role playing, meet the team, and the power of favorites.

7:27 min

Greeting & Getting Their Story, plus Staging to Engage During the Tour

Uplifted Leasing

Develop your people skills with easy, basic requirements for gaining your customer’s trust and respect.

25:06 min

Value Stacking Rents

Uplifted Renewals

Add value by understanding your market and the customer you are wanting to attract.

19:45 min

Celebrating Life Moments

Uplifted Renewals

Tools to create celebrations that foster long-lasting relationships with your residents.

32:48 min

Creative Huddles

Each session provides opportunities for your team to discuss the ideas formulated during the session, and brainstorm plans for implementing the concepts into their own work flows. This is an important step in getting the most from the training presented, and generating productive communication between the front-line staff and their leaders.

Toni Tools

Each session is accompanied by the tools required to implement the ideas. Some of the graphics are ready to use as-is, some are ready for your brilliant customization. Watch for the Toni Tool logo to find the samples and graphic files available.

Note: Only Toni e_demand members are licensed to use Toni’s copyrighted materials.

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