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Step 30: The YES Path

  • The Golden Path route
  • Elevating the standard
  • Fragrant, colorful, and CLEAN
  • Curb Appeal
  • Staging YES moments
Managing the Tour Route

“I want the tour to be clean, painted, fresh, colorful, surprising, interesting, fun and unforgettable! Toni Blake



Grab your total team for this powerful lesson on establishing a YES Path on your property. Toni shares a lesson from her brother and the Frito Lay strategy, “The Golden Path” to inspire you to have a tour route that is clean, painted, fresh, colorful, interesting, social, fun and unforgettable.

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    Personal Assignment

    Your YES Path – make it Golden

    • Engage your team to confirm your Golden Path. Make note of improvements that need to be made. Remember, this path is vital to best first impressions. Pay special attention to landscaping, maintenance, cleanliness, and best entrances.
    • Walk your property to assess the view of passers by. Again pay special attention to areas that are not presenting well.
    • Practice walking the path as if presenting to a future resident. What questions/impressions are likely to come up in their minds?
    • Now ask yourself, “Is my leasing path golden?” Is it a YES Path?” “Am I golden?” “Am I a YES leasing agent?”

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