Toni Blake's

Journey to Leasing Excellence

Helping you channel your full potential

Step 28: Making a Specific Appointment

  • Establish time-frame around goals
  • Facilitate the decision process
  • Webcasting, YouTube video tour
  • Get on their calendar
  • Send an Outlook appointment (easy!)
Be Useful, Helpful, Informative & FUN

“Take time to practice being useful, helpful, informative & FUN! Toni Blake



 Toni Blake teaches you the importance of setting a timeframe with every goal. Learn creative ways to facilitate the decision process with webcasting, YouTube tours and outlook appointment tools. Making an appointment with today’s overwhelmed renter requires us to step in and step up with useful information and compassionate leasing.

    Featured Resources

    Personal Assignment

    Self – Assessment: In thinking about yourself and your personal presentation,

    • In what ways do you present yourself as USEFUL?
    • How do you present yourself as INFORMATIVE?
    • Are you FUN?
    • Initiate conversation this week about creating your first webcast or YouTube Video Tour.

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