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Journey to Leasing Excellence

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Step 28: Extending an Invitation

  • Directions with memory associations
  • Building Value using landmarks
  • Building Value with AreaVibes
  • Unexpected service
  • Leasing Bistro
Giving directions with Memory Associations!

“Take time to build and share directions filled with memory associations and value moments that bring them all the way to your face!” Toni Blake



 Toni Blake teaches you how to create an inspiring invitation to your community including the leasing bistro. Learn unexpected ways to serve your customer, build value with memory associations and give unforgettable directions. Establish great new resources with and the Gasbuddy app. Learn how to “bring them home” with leasing excellence.

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    Personal Assignments

    Bring Them Home

    • Practice locating gasoline near your customer on the spot
    • Drive in to your property from different directions and make note of value moments, landmarks, key services
    • Practice giving directions all the way to your face (desk)
    • Set up your Leasing Bistro
    • Practice your bistro serving techniques to give your service a professional level of proficiency.

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