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Step 27: Creating Meaningful Urgency

  • From urgency to a YES decision
  • Giving clarity to their “why”
  • Compliments lead to appointments
  • Their list and limiting their options
  • Becoming their moving expert
How to Create a Meaningful Since of Urgency: Get on the list

This is a one-of-a-kind address available for you in this moment! Take it, or risk regret!


“The person who looked yesterday and thought about it last night will lease this apartment today while you wait to decide tomorrow. ” Toni Blake



Toni Blake teaches you how to inspire your future resident into action and transition to the decision process with well-timed urgency techniques. Learn how to make sure they are clear on the great reasons WHY they will love living at your apartment. Learn how to use a compliment to lead to an appointment, and special tips for discussing their short list! You’ll learn more leasing magic on how to make sure you standout from your completion as you become their moving expert!

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    Personal Assignment

    Becoming their Moving Expert

    • Make sure you are working with a practice partner to build confidence and master these new leasing strategies. Download the Open Me First Box flyer below and practice creating a sense of urgency while discussing this tool on the way to the apartment.

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    Open Me First Box


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