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Journey to Leasing Excellence

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Step 25: Your Company Website

  • Safe harbor
  • Directing future residents
  • Influence a positive share/referral
  • Community website, places to visit
  • Create loyalty through usefulness
Value by Association

“Show value by association with your company and community” Toni Blake


Toni Blake teaches you how to use your pride, passion and research in your company/community website to passionately tell your story. This weeks assignment is go to your community and company websites to write a story that includes at least FIVE reasons why someone would rent because of WHO YOU ARE as a team,  as a company, and as a community!!! Be prepared to show your resident portal, company charity activities, company pride. Add value through these and other online services.

    Featured Resources

    Personal Assignment

    Learn about everything around you

    • Explore your own company website for value-building tidbits: mission statement, history, charitable involvement, etc.
    • Explore your community and regional websites. What is your area known for? What services are available?
    • Explore the other online-service sites in your area.
    • Take your findings and build a resource list for your future residents that becomes a long list of reasons why someone should make their home in your apartment community. 

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