Toni Blake's

Journey to Leasing Excellence

Helping you channel your full potential

Step 2: Not a Job, a Career

  • Ownership is the biggest difference
  • Connect and network with others
  • 4 types of apartment ownership
  • Core values, goals, mission, and focus
  • Understanding your role as a fiduciary
Setting Alarms for Excellence

Every week we take 10 minutes for excellence. Our goal is to be better human beings #ALLin410” ~Toni Blake

Toni Blake talks to you about putting action behind your commitment to excellence. We can begin to become better human beings with a scheduled 10-minute commitment to excellence. Learn some simple tips on how you can add 10@10 to your calendar and set aside time each week for your assignments. Re-connect to humanity by making a positive ripple of good in your community and our world.

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Personal Assignment

Set an alarm, or two…or three

  • Decide WHAT are you going to do for self development (like, watch a Toni video!)
  • Decide WHEN you are are going to do this
  • Decide WHERE you are going to do this
  • Decide WHO you are going to bring along with you
  • Set recurring alarms on your phone  to alert you.

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