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Step 23: Your Property, Their Needs

  • Match what they love with your community
  • Turn “our” apartment into their next home
  • Great Specific Need Conversation Starters
  • Emotional Purpose in decision making
  • Create love note for each available apartment
    Specific Needs: Matching YOUR Property to THEIR Needs

    Toni Blake shows you how to match the customer’s wants/needs to your community and apartments. Home is not a place, it’s a feeling! This is about turning the unfamiliar (your community) with the familiar (their wants/needs). Learn the power of creating desire in the decision process to build passion and loyalty into the leasing experience. Be prepared to share important details in a LOVE list of each amenity, feature and detail they will love in their new home.

    “Your job is not to give them what they want. Your Job is to get them to want what you’ve got” ~Toni Blake

      Featured Resources

      Personal Assignment

      Desire through Emotional Purpose is created by your creativity to embellish even the smallest of details in an apartment home. What may be meaningless to one person may captivate the next. Your assignment is to write a “love story” about each of your available apartment. Consider the details given below in your story. 

      Love Note Creation Source Ideas: 

      1. Think inside space, outside space, and location in the community
      2. What is close (count steps) – dumpster, pool, mailbox, dog yard
      3. Parking
      4. Amenities

      5. Patio/balcony – view

      6. Sun direction from windows – Sunrise/sunset

      7. Corner, end, top of the stairs location in the building / floor

      8. Outside storage, garage location

      9. Landscaping: Identify trees and flowers by names 

      10. Entry way, separate space? 

      11. Wall space for art

      12. Measure EVERYTHING! 12 cabinets, 5 draws, 27 adj. shelves

      13. Determine all of the closet space by cubic feet, not square feet    (Height x Length x Depth)


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