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Step22: Value Positioning Price Range Questions

  • Price Range Conversation Starter
  • Establishing a Price/Point of Reference
  • HIGH Value Positioning the Rent
  • Emotional Decision Based on Desire
  • A Love List About Life at Your Property
  • The Mortgage Match / Cost Comparison
Maximize the Opportunity to Establish High Value

When establishing HIGH price perception for our apartments and communities, learn the importance of establishing a confident price presentation. People make decisions based on an emotion response. In this session Toni help you create LOVE in the leasing experience.

Featured Resources

Word Study

  • Price Point: a point on a scale of possible prices at which something might be marketed. 
  • Point of Reference: something that is used to help you or another person understand something else.
  • Value Position: refers to a business or marketing statement that a company uses to summarize why a consumer should buy a product or use a service. This statement convinces a potential consumer that one particular product or service will add more value or better solve a problem than other similar offerings will.

Personal Assignment

3 things I want you to practice this week:

  1. Learn how to confidently discuss the price question
  2. Practice the point of reference price questions.
  3. Create a poster for your office with 25 reason why people LOVE living at your community.

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