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Step 19: The Customer’s WHAT Questions

  • Active Listening & Engaging in the WHAT 
  • Best telephone practices of elite leasing
  • How to lease by the address
  • Preference shaping the WHAT 
  • How to show interest and desire
  • Intentional YES words to affirm their story
  • “Point of Reference” conversation starters
  • Living v.s. Storage space requirements
Active Listening & Engaging

These powerful conversation starters will inspire your customer to tell you WHAT they are looking for at your community. What questions will open the door to getting their story! Toni will teach you conversation that builds desire for them to come out and see their next home. Toni teaches you a 3-part success formula of a verbal head nod to affirm, active listening and then finish with questions. Toni shows you how to connect their preferences and desires to lead to you finding their next new home at your community.

Featured Resources

Word Study

  • Active Listening: communicating techniques that are useful in training, counseling and conflict resolution
  • Story:narrative, either true or fictitious, in prose or verse, designed to interest, amuse, or instruct the hearer or reader

Personal Assignments

3 things I want you to practice this week:

  1.  The Verbal Nod
  2.  Active listening – repeat what they said to confirm you were correct.
  3.  Finish with a question to open doors to their personal story.

Down load the complete assignment sheet here:


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