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Step 18: How Did You Hear About Us?

  • Conversation versus Sales Presentation
  • Answer the phone with compassion
  • Be a great interviewer
  • Open up their story with great questions
  • Conversation Starters – Landmarks
  • Toni’s Telephone Magic to control the call
  • Questions to confirm theTRUE traffic source
"Did the leasing professional ASK how you knew the community?"

Rather than HYPE we want to HELP people! Toni teaches you how to open conversation by creating a great interview moment on the phone with your future resident. Understand how to ask informational questions around how they heard about you, then turn it into a conversation. Toni teaches you effective techniques for controlling the call, successfully making the list, and setting up an appointment to visit! You’ll learn some telephone magic you’ll use with every call.

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Word Study

  • Honest: simple, unpretentious, un-sophisticated
  • Transparent: easy to perceive and detect, having thought feelings and motives that are easy to perceive

Personal Assignment

Call your practice partner and work on the conversation starters from this lesson. Click below to download the Step 18 assignment sheet. Print and follow the practice instructions.

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