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Step 17: Telephone, Connection Questions

>>Phone, Email, Social Media & Video Chat

  • Be sure to ask a complete connection question
  • Get permission and gain trust
  • Finish with a question
  • Facilitate – serve rather than sell
  • Find ways to be inherently useful
  • Create a Quick Click List of helpful tips on moving to your community.
Make the Connection

Today we need to be sure to set your attitude as one that serves people. In this session, Toni will show you powerful connection questions. Extend your interview to include their phone, email, social media preference and what platform they use to video chat. Learn how to finish with a question and create conversation. You will learn how to gather, manage and use information to serve your customer. Get ready for a great assignment to serve your future resident with a “Quick Click List” of useful tips on moving into your community.

Featured Resources

Word Study

Personal Assignment

Build Your Quick Click List

Brainstorm useful website clicks and resources you can share with your future residents to help them with the details involved with moving into your community.

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