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Step14: Get Their Story

  • Connect with the customer, warm & inviting
  • Value every call – focus on the person
  • Conversational visual support, your happy face
  • QA, QAQ
  • Engage the customer’s personal story, needs
  • The proper function of documentation
  • In the customer’s shoes – shopping the comps
Interesting, Focused, Compassionate and Conversational

In this lesson Toni teaches powerful interview skills and how to ask the right questions. You’ll learn how to influence the conversation and create a warm & inviting space for people to share their story. This is about conducting an interview that is interesting, focused, compassionate and conversational. Toni will share her interview form with important tips for leasing excellence! Experience is the greatest teacher. You will learn the importance of a customer-focused leasing experience by walking in the shoes of the customer.

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Word Study

  • Conversational: inclined to or skilled in conversation; a conversational style of writing or speaking is informal, like a private conversation 

Personal Assignment

Build a story with 10 main points of interest, then call five properties and score them only for learning about you. Make a note of how they ask questions. Are they getting your story?

  1. Name?      Spelling?        Heritage?       Story?
  2. How many people will be living in the Apartment? 
  3. That’s yourself and who else?   All names?    Relationships?
  4. Family Pet?       How old?        Breed?        Color?
  5. Why you are moving?
  6. What you are looking for? Size? Amenities?
  7. Something about the area you like/need?
  8. Where do you work?
  9. Where you have looked? What is your first choice so far?
  10. Something special/feature/local amenity you want/need?

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