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Journey to Leasing Excellence

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Step13: Telephone, Warm & Inviting

  • Telephone, first step to “Meeting & Greeting”
  • Practice a warm and inviting tone of voice
  • Seeing is believing – put a mirror on your desk
  • Stay customer-focused on their agenda
  • Practice active listening
  • Follow the cost per lead / lease
  • Develop great interview skills
The First Step to "Meeting & Greeting"

This is an important time to know how to be consumer focused. In this session, Toni teaches you techniques on sharing a warm tone in your voice and a simple smile. You’ll learn to focus on the person's agenda and practice active listening. Toni introduces her interview notes that will help you develop your own great interview skills. You will also discover how to follow key leasing data points that measure real economic growth produced by your leasing excellence.

Featured Resources

Word Study

  • Inviting: offering the promise of an attractive or enjoyable experience
  • Warm: having, showing, or expressing enthusiasm, affection, kindness

Personal Assignments

Create a Desk Reminder List

  • Answer the phone with the promise of enthusiasm
  • Focus on the person not the task
  • Be genuinely interested
  • Smile –be warm and inviting
  • Practice compassionate listening
  • Be mindful of each call as a blessing
  • Honor the moment
  • Stay on their train
  • Finish with a question
  • Build rapport, trust and confidence

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