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Step 12: Executive Summary: Your Weakest Area

  • It’s important to be teachable
  • Respect others perception
  • No Excuses: turn criticism into advice
  • Decide: defense & debate, or humble & happy
  • Humility is a form of putting others first
  • Practice tolerance: I’m right – you’re right too


Knowing your weakness is as important as celebrating your success

How you deal with weaknesses is important in your life! Being teachable is a key to developing excellence in all areas of your life. In this lesson Toni shows you the importance of turning criticism into advice without making excuses. Learning tolerance and humility will help you to accept life lessons and become a great human being. This quick and important lesson will turn the weakness of your past into the character you demonstrate in your future.

Featured Resources

Word Study

  • Inviting: offering the promise of an attractive or enjoyable experience
  • Warm: having, showing, or expressing enthusiasm, affection, kindness

Personal Assignments

Create a Desk Reminder List

  • Answer the phone with the promise of enthusiasm
  • Focus on the person not the task
  • Be genuinely interested
  • Smile –be warm and inviting
  • Practice compassionate listening
  • Be mindful of each call as a blessing
  • Honor the moment
  • Stay on their train
  • Finish with a question
  • Build rapport, trust and confidence

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