Planned Property Management


Uplifted LEASING

Video 1

Segment 1: The Power of Perspective

Length: 70 minutes

Video 2

Segment 2: What We Say and Send

Length: 69 minutes

Video 3

Segment 3: Greeting & Getting Their Story

Segment 4: Staging to Engage During the Tour

Segment 5: Touring Along the Decision Path

Length: 41 minutes


Video 4

Segment 6: Character Driven Renewals

Length: 45 minutes

Video 5

Segment 7: Economic Optimism

Segment 8: Understanding the Renewal Market

Length: 44 minutes

Video 6

Segment 9: Value Stacking Renewals

Segment 10: Creating a Wellness Community

Length: 45 minutes

What a great day!!

Recorded live February 16, 2023 in Chicago, illinois

Jasko Omerovic Photography

Jasko Omerovic Photography

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