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Look What I did!


Quick Apartment Design Tutorial & Collage Contest

Share submissions from your residents on your social media platforms, during your tours, on your phone or iPad. Send your prospective residents links as a part of your leasing follow-up. I LOVE THIS, and I know your residents and future residents will love this, too!

Sample text to share with residents:

This is a Quick Apartment Design Tutorial Contest with tips and messages from our residents to their future neighbors. Moving is so stressful! Even 3D floor plans are difficult to understand and conceptualize. Let’s give our new neighbors some design ideas of how we have turned all those line drawings into a home. We’ll be posting on Instagram, Facebook, and featuring best designs on YouTube. Share shopping tips on what fits, how you customized it, where you bought it, great deals you grabbed, and other ideas to convert spaces into a home.


1. Print down the graphic

2. Start your video with the graphic image and you saying, “Look what I did! This is my Quick Apartment Design Tutorial for _________________ .”

3. Show the idea/solution and talk about all of the necessary details that someone would need to copy it: where it was purchased, cost, set up requirements, customizations, difficulties encountered, time required, other tips.

5. Close by saying #myplacemydesign #Imadeitwork

6. Must be under 2 minutes to qualify.

7. A series of still photos in a collage with text details are accepted, too! Must include one image of the graphic with the hashtag and written text explaining the details listed in Step 3.

Download the Graphic

24 hour Reservation Guarantee


Create a physical form you can fill out with your future resident to confirm their plan to return and leasing an apartment.

Give your future resident an EASY decision!!

Sample Script:

“I can tell that you really love the apartment. If you are not ready to put down money, how about we do it for you. I can write a check for you right now to put it down on this apartment and provide a reservation guarantee for the next 24 hours. This allows you to think about it without risking loosing this great apartment. If someone else comes in to rent it in the next 24 hours, you will be given first right of refusal. This will guarantees this apartment is available for you for until ________:________ tomorrow”

Download the JPG file

Download WORD file

Celebration Station


Turn your point of purchase moment into a “Gift with Purchase” with a Celebration Station in your office. The world has forgotten the art of a wrapped gift. There are too many gift cards and gift bags and the opening a wrapped present is reserved for only Christmas morning.

Sample Script:

I noticed you saw our celebration station. That is a place where we can celebrate with all of our new residents. We know that moving is stressful and believe that when a person finds their new home it is worth celebrating. This gives us a place to do that and be the first one to give our new resident a house warming present. If we find an apartment for you today, maybe we will celebrate with you.” When finished touring the apartment I can ask. . . are you ready to open your present?”

Download PDF instructions file

Goodwill Ambassador


A Goodwill Ambassador Card is a great way to end on a positive note!

Sample Script:

I’m so sorry (Name) (reason not leasing)I know you would love living here. 

I appreciate you taking time to see our community and meet our staff. Please take a couple of our Goodwill Ambassador cards. Moving is so difficult and choosing the right place can be very stressful. I hope you would pass along our information with your best wishes to anyone you talk to who is looking for a great place to live. If you’re situation changes, I hope you will come back by and let us talk to you again.

Download business card sample

**Business cards are formatted to fit the

   Vistaprint Business Card

Download helpful script

Interview Notepad


This is Toni’s interview note pad with idea on how to conversationally discover your future residents story. This tool can be used for note taking and information gathering and then data entered into the guest card after your future resident leaves.

Download the PDF

Invitation Station


Everyone deserves an invitation to become a resident. I recommend you stage 2 invitation stations in each make-ready apartment with incentives to lease and an object marketing tag line. Check out two of Toni’s favorite – The Oreo Cookie & Klondike Close.

Download the PDF

negotiation cards


These points of negotiation are each designed to be a “reason to stay” for your current resident considering moving over a rent increase. Be sure to have your entire team including maintenance/service team members study and be prepared to inspire a resident to sign and stay! Often when people get a rent increase letter they will call in work orders and the service is the first to have this conversation. We want everyone on our staff to be prepared to present the option of staying as a better financial and personal decision

Download the ZIP file

Open Me First Box


Talking about moving on the way to the apartment is a great way to create a since of urgency. Enjoy this Open Me First Box flyer to help your future resident take a minute and think about “Move-in day”! Opening up a can of Move-in day on their brain should make them decide to lease TODAY!

Sample Script:

On the way to the apartment I would love to talk to you about moving. There are so many details involved in moving and we try and help our residents mental prepare with some organizational tools we provide in our New Resident Packet. Take a look at our “Open Me First” box flyer. It is practically a shopping list for the things your gonna want to have handy on move in day. Have you put much thought toward your move yet? Most of the details can’t be arranged until you have an address. Let’s find your new address today so you can get started!”

Download the JPG

Download the WORD file

Preferred Choice Club


The Preferred Choice Club is ready to close anyone looking into future TODAY! Give your pre-leasing program a new look! Build a 3-ring binder with one year of Preferred Choice Club rosters and sign up your future resident to help them to gain an advantage by being pre-approved in advance.

Download Postcard JPG FRONT

Download Postcard JPG BACK

**Postcards are formatted for the

   Vistaprint OVERSIZED Postcard

Download 8.5×11 WORD file

Download Roster WORD file

Download PCC Logo

Self-Closing Apartment Cards


Once while touring with a leasing agent I was making suggestions and she stopped me. “If only you could add some cue cards around the apartment so I don’t forget”. BAM! The Self-Closing apartment cards were created that day! These are conversation starters for the leasing agent to remember to talk through the decision process. Each card is a step along the decision path. Enjoy staging each vacancy and set your teams up for consistent success in closing!

Download the ZIP file

Sugar Note


Sugar is not just refined from cane or beets. It can be found in a statement of encouragement or appreciation. These sugar notes are designed in conjunction with a “Sugar Jar” for staff members to share encouragement with each other.

Download the JPG file

Download the WORD file

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