In this quick video Toni introduces the tour concept, event protocol, host cities, satellite cities, education partners, the next Amazing bus Tour dates, and the Media Kit (below).

Proof of Concept - THIS WORKS!

We want to thank everyone who made it happen! The 2021 AmaZing Tour was a tremendous success because of people like you who were tired of endless Zooms and Webinars, who were ready for LIVE, and it WORKED! The 2022 Tour will be even better. You’re ready, your people are ready, let’s make this happen….again!!

2023 National Tour Sponsor

We are deeply appreciative to our national sponsor that made this year's tour possible. Thank you!

Chadwell Supply logo

Chadwell Supply

Chadwell Supply is the family-owned multifamily apartment supply partner that understands your work and is dedicated to making it easier. With 15 branches across the country providing legendary customer service, they keep over 10,000 multi-family SKU’s stocked within local warehouses and have over 99% of orders delivered in one shipment, making their fill rate #1 in the industry.


Everything You Need To Plan Your Event

New AmaZing Content!!

Session 1: Morning, 9am - 11am

Invite Management and Maintenance

When you’ve done everything you know to do, it’s time for Toni Blake’s AmaZING Expectation Mapping. Your teams will discover how to elevate the leasing and resident experience with 22 transformational moments. Each carefully crafted and staged experience goes beyond standard apartment practice to elevate the perceived value of your community, establish meaningful human connection, and attract a resident profile of character driven people.

You’ll get the AmaZING Tour E-book with the TotallyToni 2022 Trend Report, learn why Apple Maps & Yelp are a crux move in the apartment decision process. Toni will introduce the “YES PATH”, One Minute Maintenance digital resident experiences, and engaging residents with a “Favorites” plan. You’ll learn how to transform your outreach marketing, new resident orientation, and renewal plan.

Don’t miss your chance to add 22 transformational moments in 2022 with Toni Blake’s AMAZING MOMENTS Expectation Map!

Session 2: Afternoon, 9am - 11am

Invite Leasing, Marketing and Training

Program includes:

•2022 TotallyToni Market Trend Report

•Techniques for Value Positioning with Advanced Marketing Tool

•Miracle Marketing with Petty Cash

•What to do instead of FREE RENT

•Procedures for Improving the Human Connection – Telephone/Email

•2022 Re-invented Telephone / E-mail Follow-up

•2022 Data on Speed to the Lead – Leasing I.Q.

•Real-time Remote Leasing Engagement with QRs

•Closing – Everyone – Every time!

•Staging a Remote Leasing – Closing on the first visit

This Event Pays For Itself

Sample Marketing Plan, Host City

We are ready to build your graphics! Email us your logo and details and we will provide you with a Save The Date graphic to add to a member email blast.

Sample Marketing Plan, Host City
LIVE BUS STOP Program Cost:

Deposit to Confirm Date: $1000 (covered by your four Local Educational Partners, 4 x $250)

Final Payment, due day of event: $2950 ($2500 Speaker Fee + $450 All Inclusive Travel)

Sample Revenue Plan:
Just 15 property tickets will cover your final payment!

15 x $199= $2985

Twice The AmaZING!

2 Sessions, LIVE and ZOOM

Both the morning and the afternoon sessions will be available for LIVE and ZOOM! Tickets are available for single session, double session, or the popular Property Ticket (3 LIVE team tickets to both sessions).

Morning: AmaZING Moments,  9am-11am Invite Management / Maintenance

Afternoon: AmaZING LeaZING, 12:pm-2pm Invite Leasing, Marketing, Training All LIVE tickets include Brown Bag Lunch


The One Hour Brown Bag Lunch Mini-Tradeshow 11am-Noon

LEP Badge of Honor

Introducing: LEP Badge of Honor

Let’s make it a badge of HONOR to support education. Begin a tradition each January to reward LEP with their new annual badge of honor as they sign on to support your new educational calendar. Provide a special name tag or ribbon for meetings, allow them to display it on their website, collateral material, and present them with a framed certificate to display in their office.

We’ve Made Sponsorship Easy

Enlist Local Educational Partners

Sponsorships not only support your event but also help local suppliers who are needing to get the word out on their product, especially this year! You can use this flyer when you approach a potential sponsor.

We would be happy to customize this graphic with YOUR logo!

Looking Ahead to Fall Tour

2022 AmaZING Fall Tour

Traveling by bus is so much different than traveling by air. It requires a logical sequence of events along a continuous path. The Spring Tour takes Toni in an easterly direction from Colorado to the East Coast. Ideally, each city would be able to host their tour stop on the date given. There may be small flexibility from week to week. Some cities actually fit into both the Spring and Fall tour paths. Let’s talk about how to work out the bus stop for your city in 2022! Toni’s fall tour moves in a westerly direction from the East Coast to Colorado beginning in August. Watch your email for a personal invitation to join the tour and begin working now to secure your date!

If you don’t see your city listed on either tour, contact Toni immediately to claim a spot on one of the tours.

Safety Is Our Concern

Smart Science-based Event Protocol

TotallyToni HYBRID events include smart science-based protocol for the in-person portion of the event:

  • Tour Bus Quarantine – no airports, no hotels, no visitors
  • TotallyToni Team COVID vaccinations and testing
  • Association agrees to provide KN95 masks and sanitizer for each attendee, and to set-up proper social distancing arrangements according to current local guidelines.

Availability on Amazon (Note: Specific brands seem to go in and out of stock. Search for FDA approved KN95 masks if these are not available)

Click here to order your MASKS If these specific masks are not available, be sure you order masks that are “included on the FDA EUA List.”

Click here to order HAND SANITIZER

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