About Toni Blake


About Toni Blake

Toni Blake has served for over 30 years as an international speaker, trainer, consultant and friend. She is known for her diligent research, cutting-edge strategies, and her “laugh while you learn” delivery style on stage. She has mentored countless individuals in all roles of the business from owners to managers, leasing agents, and service personnel.

Anyone who knows Toni, or has ever been to one of her seminars, knows that she is first and foremost a person of heart. It’s not enough to simply deliver business success information, Toni strives to build the inner person. She grounds her teaching strategies in the same timeless principles productive men and women have been utilizing for centuries. Beneath every “new” idea is an old pillar of truth with proven results.

“HeartWired” is Toni’s greatest effort yet. As she has traveled across the country people have repeatedly said, “I wish I could start every day with a little bit of Toni!” Well, now you can! You can be HeartWired!

The basic premise behind HeartWired is to expand the character of your heart.


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