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TotallyToni training is not a canned seminar you choose from a shelf. Each seminar is customized by first understanding and defining the executive vision, researching the properties, staff, corporate culture, vision statement, mission statement and core value propositions. Toni will ask you about the tools you use in the field such as management software, your available technology and your management structure. All of these make an impact on how “best practices” are presented to create the most effective results for your specific teams. Toni will take time to understand your teams, markets and your challenges in order to laser focus an educational program that produces clear vision and confident results in the field.

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This guide provides over 100 fresh ideas on how to host a successful event. The proven tips and best practices presented by Toni  will simplify the daunting tasks of working with budgets, speakers, facility set-up, sponsorships, social media marketing, and more.  You can produce measurable results with your next educational event starting today!

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Our greatest responsibility is to understand the impact of our actions today will shape our future. In 2015 multifamily supply out numbered the demand, this year current residents become the target market for new construction properties. With a national average of 4% vacancy no one is sounding the alarm and site teams can become complacent. If you are not diligent to close your back door, a slow budget-busting decline in occupancy will begin. 2020 Vision looks ahead and implements a premeditated marketing plan with an aggressive pursuit of every leasing lead and every resident renewal. Looking forward to 2016, marketing and training should be focused on improvements in the leasing path, measurable improvements in customer service and a dublicatable 365 Day Plan for resident relations and renewal.

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