Affordable Housing Seminar Descriptions

Toni Blake is one of the apartment industry’s most popular speakers with her unique presentation style of “laugh while you learn” combining education, comedy and a large dose of enthusiasm. She is a popular Keynote Speaker at KHC, SAHMA Conferences, National CARH and many other affordable housing conferences around the country. She knows how to inspire excellence while making you laugh and her story telling will touch your heart. Toni Blake knows how to bring on audience to it’s feet with a life-changing motivational experience. These educational sessions are specifically geared for affordable housing.

Each of these presentations would be appropriate for a keynote address or breakout sessions, and adjustable to fit your time slot.

Keynote or Half day seminar

Character Driven Performance – The ART of Culture

How well your company builds a constructive culture determines how well you attract, hire and keep top performers. Culture also drives the experiences your teams create for both residents and future residents resulting in your overall economic success. Toni Blake will show you how to design and build a company culture that attracts and inspires character-driven performances. In this interactive session, Toni Blake will share the power of internal character development, provide interactive self-evaluation exercises to measure personal character development and a compelling presentation on the top seven characteristics of a thriving internal culture. You will walk away with easy to implement educational plans for the top seven character driven performance factors: Integrity, Citizenship, Determination, Respect, Responsibility, Kindness, and Confidence.

Breakout session

The Drama Curtain – 10 Proven Ways To END Conflict Quickly

A destructive conflict has a predictable pattern known as the Drama Triangle. By learning how to identify and handle drama, manager’s can prevent some conflicts from occurring and resolve those that do! The quality of our relationships and how we deal with challenges plays a vital role for success in the workplace. 30 -40% of manage’s time is spent on conflict resolution. Toni Blake will show you a series of simple repeatable solutions, collaboration techniques, resources, and tools to reduce conflict. Learn how to improve communication, see other points of view, understand the human ego and find agreement. Save your precious time and energy for productive collaboration with your team and bring the DRAMA Curtin down in your office!

2020 Vision – Premeditated Marketing

Our greatest responsibility is to understand the impact of our actions today will shape our future. Multifamily supply currently outnumbers the demand. This year current residents become the target market for new construction properties. With a national average of 4% vacancy, no one sounds the alarm and site teams can become complacent. If you are not diligent in reducing turnover, a slow budget-busting decline in occupancy will begin. 2020 Vision looks ahead and implements a premeditated marketing plan with an aggressive pursuit of every leasing lead and every resident renewal. Today’s, marketing and training should focus on improvements in the customer experience on the leasing path, measurable improvements in customer service and a duplicatable 365-Day plan for resident relations and renewal.

Multi-Media Marketing Kit

This seminar has a complimentary series of progressive multi-media marketing tools available for customization.

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The Passion Workshop – Mastering a Winning Attitude

Keynote or Half day Workshop: Take a personal development journey with your team on a step-by-step roadmap required to master the highest level of excellence.

Give your team the gift of Empowerment with Toni Blake’s new Passion Workshop! Toni will show you how to make life changing decisions, adjust your personal perceptions thereby adjusting your life. Learn the importance of having clarified in your vision to produce the achievements to winning. This interactive workshop will walk you step-by-step through re-imagining yourself to unleash your highest standard of passion. Gain understanding of the psychology, science, and time-tested techniques relied on by masters in their field. Personal exercises will offer you time to take the positive energy test, review your own talent inventory, understand your gifts, affirm your self-esteem, align your passion with purpose and define on your “I AM” character lessons

Group Mastermind Session will include reviewing the best practices by position and team scores. Activities include: Role-play with discussion, team activities, personality tests, self-evaluation, how to balance the influence of others both positive & negative and recognize transformation moments to build for your greatest triumphs.

Multi-Media Marketing Kit

This seminar has a complimentary series of progressive multi-media marketing tools available for customization.

Send us your logo and event details and we’ll build them for you.

Your Determination = Your Destination: Crossing the Finish Line

determination photoPassion, drive and standard of excellence determine how far an individual goes in life. Your level of success is a direct result of your personal determination. Fresh from crossing her own finish line at the SheROX Triathlon, Toni Blake has built a program of inspiration, education and determination. What is your finish line? What is your job? When are you finished? Join Toni Blake for an inspirational journey of excellence and establish foundations for your new finish line. The program includes an inspiration video documentary that takes you through Toni’s training and adds you to the crowd as she crosses the finish line! This session is an ideal choice for burned-out team members struggling with their enthusiasm.

Dealing with Difficult People

determination photo


An Italian diplomat once said, “Diplomacy is the art of letting other people have your way”. This powerful session reviews the winning skills required for successful diplomacy, communication and negotiations. Learn the secrets of using voice tone, environmental staging and body language to turn complainers into cooperative residents! This session is highly recommended for both management and maintenance staff.

Penny Jar Marketing – Creativity with CENTS!

Grab your Penny Jar and head for Toni Blake’s program filled with creativity with CENTS! Building the perceived value of your community attracts a higher quality tenant. This business is not just about being full, it’s about what you are full of! Value is found in much more than just the physical features of your community. Learn how to add value to your community with customer service, resident appreciation, FREE area resources and a creative marketing plan. Learn how to turn a small investment of time and money into huge improvements community quality of life, attract higher quality residents and build loyalty into your current resident relations.

Powerful Keynote: The Butterfly Effect – Small Changes = BIG Results

This compelling keynote draws leasing, marketing and life principles from “The Butterfly Effect”, (The phenomenon whereby a small change at one place in a complex system can have large effects elsewhere, e.g., a butterfly flapping its wings in Rio de Janeiro might change the weather in Chicago.) Sometimes we can increase our efficiency and success by making small, yet significant changes to our procedures, our attitudes, and most importantly to our character. Our struggles inspire our greatest accomplishments. This seminar is one of Toni’s most inspirational sessions that has been well received by people all over America. Toni opens up about her personal struggles, how she overcame them, and what it has meant to her professional life. Now, she is expanding those same principles to show how you can overcome your challenges to reach goals that have seemed out of reach. Even though this session works well for a keynote address, make sure you ask Toni to include some of this extraordinary meeting in your leasing seminar!

Keys to Management Greatness

keys photoAs the manager of an apartment community you serve as the mayor of a small town. You deal with a wide range of issues: legal, employee, corporate, city and federal restrictions, guidelines and policies. “Keys to Management Greatness” is a wonderfully encouraging program designed to restore your purpose, motivate your spirit and challenge your mind with character building education. This program includes tips on managing the physical assets of the property, with proven strategies for dealing with people, leasing, marketing, customer service, resident retention and the main office. This session is appropriate for audiences looking for a new opportunities that will take them to the next level of success.


Preventative Maintenance Through Resident Education

toolbox photoToday maintenance quality is listed as the top reason why residents renew and future residents lease. With customer satisfaction now being impacted by online rating review sites, service performance has a direct impact on the effectiveness of your marketing. Prioritizing your service goals will impact occupancy and NOI. Discovering unreported service needs while in an apartment impedes maintenance efficiency. In this seminar you will learn how to implement educational service tools that elevate effective communication between office staff, maintenance staff and residents. Improve the diagnostics during the telephone service request to help the technician arrive fully equipped to accomplish all of the resident’s service needs during the first visit. Toni introduces you to easily duplicatable office and resident educational tools to prevent and improve maintenance. Learn about the benefits of new technologies like QR codes, Youtube “How To” videos, and web-based Q & A to support resident services. Service technicians will also learn how to sell a rent increase and invite positive feedback on the review sites. Turn your service department into a five-star community both onsite & online!


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