Corporate Charter Membership Plan

All-Access Pass to Toni e-Demand’s transformative e-learning and employee engagement plan.

This is a company plan and not available to individual properties.

This is an ongoing employee engagement plan with assignments, practice partners and measurable weekly improvement. Success requires a total executive level buy in and support. This is not access to another LMS, this is Toni Blake LIVE each week bringing momentum, performance skills, personal improvement, contests, challenges and employee engagement.

  • Corporate Charter Membership is just over $6 per week, paid annually, per property. Your annual dues will be based on the size of your portfolio. Our members are “all in”, meaning that we give access to your entire team. You cannot sign up individual properties.
  • Corporate Charter Membership includes a branded Home page that your employees will log into.
  • Each property will receive membership access from 3 devices (ip addresses).
  • 100 percent secure cloud access, from any type device.
  • Unlimited Access to the entire library of personal coaching & live seminars
  • The Toni e-Demand Library has no administrative fees or set up costs.
  • NO extra cost for new acquisitions. We’re happy to grow with you.
  • Annual rates will be calculated each year upon renewal.

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