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Rather than just connecting your teams to another LMS, connect your team to a personal experience with a weekly “momentum” coach. Gain more than knowledge, gain motivation, inspiration, passion and enthusiasm.  You get everything in the Toni e-Demand library plus, Toni Blake delivers a FRESH 10 minute micro-blast lesson each week. This is about engagement!  Toni Blake engages with your team each week and shares insights, trends, expert advice, assignments, books, resources and more. This is personal! Your team joins an ongoing plan for developing their personal excellence. #ALLin410  

Toni e-Demand Mission:

Our mission is to create micro-lessons available through e-learning with transformative content that engages employees and drives weekly revenue.

Why Toni e-Demand?

Toni e-Demand is where you will go for answers

Toni e-Demand is where you will go for mini-meetings

Toni e-Demand is where you will go for employee motivation

Toni e-Demand is where you will go for elevating your teams performance!

  • Our lease closing is down:  Toni e-Demand has a 100% Closing step-by-step plan
  • We have a new leasing staff: Toni e-Demand has an on-boarding plan, ready today
  • We need a moral boost: Toni e-Demand has motivation, humor & inspiration
  • Our staff lacks engagement: Toni e-Demand has ready-to-roll contests
  • Telephone conversations are low: Toni e-Demand has telephone skill building
  • Our weekly meetings are pathetic: Toni e-Demand challenges, inspires and motivates
  • We need new ideas for your quarterly marketing plans: Toni e-Demand is an idea factory
  • The leasing team is not following up: Toni e-Demand has Follow-up implementation plans
  • We are struggling in a competitive market: Toni e-Demand has proven tools, techniques
  • Team members need to improve shopping report: Toni e-Demand improves performance
  • Struggling raising rents on renewal: Toni e-Demand has the tools and techniques

Toni e-Demand will be open in October 2018. Charter Member: $5.37 weekly per property paid annually

Strengthen your online culture with Toni e-Demand, a weekly employee engagement and personal growth plan.

“I came into this industry 7 months ago brand new. I had so much to learn and felt at times like maybe it wasn’t for me. After my Regional introduced me to TotallyToni–bam!–just like that, my mental attitude and my old habits started to die. But it is not easy and I face challenges daily. I listen to TotallyToni on my way to work and it gets me motivated and in the right state of mind to be able to lease apartments. I honestly do not know if I would have been able to keep going in this career if it wasn’t for TotallyToni!”

Tanya Deaton

Leasing Professional/Marketing, River House Apartments

“Toni blows my mind every week! The lessons are amazing and so simple. They have taken my Leasing career, from just leasing apartments to leasing with excellence and make my community and myself stand out from the competition.”

Joshua Gault

Employee Engagement

Toni engages your team each week with a fresh lesson, new ideas, and inspiration, assignments with practice partners and resources.

Employee Experience

As a Legend in leasing and one of the most passionate property management experts, Toni Blake will transform your employee experience.

Employee Effectiveness

Toni Blake instills her character for excellence and determination for measurable success. She helps your team to chart and measure improvements in both social and financial goals.

“Toni Blake is TOTALLY inspiring! She’s encouraging and enthusiastic and creative! She makes you think outside the box for ways to make apartment leasing and living better every day! After you experience TotallyToni the first time, you’ll be a fan for life!”

Sasha Trimble

Community Director , Asset Plus Companies

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