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Kindness Challenge

Appreciate your PRESENT

This week’s challenge is to resist the pursuit of lack and recognize the abundance in your life, then practice gratitude. Society has set such high expectations. People go out of their way to show their “best life” in social media. The easy button is a marketing message, not a way of life. Gratefulness is about knowing that life is going to have both good and bad, gain and loss. This week we seek to find and appreciate our present life!

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How do you see your life, half full or half empty? We all experience gain and loss, abundance and lack in different areas of our lives. How you see things truly impacts your level of love and happiness. Whatever we focus on has a great influence on our attitude. We lose jobs, items, money, status, beauty, love and happiness. It doesn’t take long to look at your circumstances to find loss or lack, and it can all be painfully distracting.  

Some people will identify as a victim of their circumstance. Being a victim takes away personal responsibility and leaves the person feeling hopeless. Powerlessness can be appealing to someone whose thoughts of loss have drained them of their joy and energy.

I am here today to assure you that even in the middle of loss, we are still blessed. We still have abundance in areas of our life, and we still have reason to be grateful. The assignment this week is to help others to find gratitude in the midst of their own loss. Hope is a beacon in hard times and provides encouragement. Be that beacon!

The Present

By Toni Blake

A Poem inspired by my Mother-in-law Carol


Everyday with out my choosing, it arrives for me while I am snoozing

I open my eyes and there it is . . . with all it’s splendor…

Heaven sent — My Present.

I often wonder what will be — what will my present hold for me?

What is to come — I cannot hide — I have to take a look inside.

It is not the kind of gift you can give back, if it doesn’t fit, or has a serious lack.

It isn’t always what I want, the things I hoped that it would be.

But there it is, nonetheless, waiting each day, just for me. I have closed my eyes and wished for more, to change the way it was before. To make it different – what would I give? But there it is  — just as it was, my present, my gift, my choice now only is to live!  This present cannot be exchanged, replaced, resized or rearranged. It is a gift I must accept — No matter what, no matter how, no matter 

I gratefully accept my present!

    Word Study



    feeling, showing, or speaking appreciation for something done, received, or experienced


    The definition of thankful is feeling pleased and relieved. So, both grateful and thankful are feelings that are triggered by a positive event.


    To have an abundance of something is to have more than you need. It’s often used to describe positive qualities, such as “an abundance of love.”


    The state of being without, or not having enough of something necessary or wanted.

    Same QR, New Content - EVERY DAY!

    Week FOUR Daily Plan
    Scan your QR every day to find new content. Print it, post it, share it! The QR code does not change, but the content does!

    Learning Assets

    My Goals This Week

    1. I plan to scan the KindnessQR each day this week and add moments of kindness to my life.
    2. I’m going to share the KindessQR with friend, family and co-workers.
    3. I will check my intentions when giving this holiday and be sure to give without obligation.
    4. I will pay attention and look for opportunities to volunteer help with people near-by.

    Spread the Word

    Send your friends to 1Mmoments on Facebook to join the cause of making a positive change in the world. Order stickers, hashtag your positive posts with #1Mmoments, be a beacon.


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    About Human School

    The best moments in life are those that illuminate our hearts with sparks of joy. One of these moments was when my great-niece Maegen shared her first diary page with me. She had just begun to write, and I bought her a pink “Hello Kitty” diary. She came to me and opened it to a page with a big smile. She had written 5 simple words that began my commitment to build Human School. She wrote, “You are my favorite human.” At the time, I didn’t remember people using those words. Doug and I immediately adopted a love language of saying to each other, “You’re my favorite human.” What a worthy goal, to be someone’s favorite human. Today’s society is filled with disagreement, people taking sides, and competition. In Darwins, The Descent of Man, he explained the origin of what he called sympathy (which today would be termed empathy, altruism, or compassion) as an essential part of human nature. The current social climate moves us away from our human nature to be cooperative and compassionate. Human School is designed to encourage and inspire the BEST of your human nature. Each lesson contains practices to establish new positive routines for your day with exercises to establish best of your humanity as routine. Are you ready to make a commitment to your humanity? This unique series on human school focuses on the practices of human kindness. When given the change to be right or be kind, let’s choose kindness. Take time to share this with your family, friends, co-workers, and customers. Our mission is to create decisive moments that transform the world around you. Thanks for joining me for Human School. Let’s practice daily kindness in our world!

    Toni Blake

    My Vision

    My vision is to create a positive resource to move the world toward good with one million positive social posts hashtagged #1Mmoments. Then, when a person feels they can find no good in the world, they know they can go to #1Mmoments to see happy family, friendship, love, kindness, compassion, cooperation and love. 

    My Mission

    My mission is to bring positive change to our world. I love the idea of the Butterly Effect and the power of one. That one small change in atmosphere can produce tremendous change as it gathers strength. One million moments of positive change in the world is about small moments with one person reaching out and sharing kindness, compassion and cooperation. I believe there are kind people all over the world just looking for a plan of action. Here it is! Thanks for being one in a million and transforming our world with kindness.


    Let Toni inspire momentum within your team

    Toni’s “laugh while you learn” approach has motivated, educated, inspired lives and companies for over 40 years, undeniably pointing their trajectory towards success.





    Friends With Wings

    Join Toni


    • Set a daily/weekly alarm to take your next Kindness Challenge
    • Ask friends, family, customers, co-workers and clients to join you in the Kindness Challenge
    • Create social posts and add #1Mmoments
    • Bring the Kindness Challenge to your company culture.
    • Practice kindness and help create one million moments of positive change to our world.


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