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Kindness Challenge

Random Acts of Compliments

This week’s lesson in Human School is about knowing how to see and act on opportunities to compliment others. I invented a new word for you, “complimentable.” In other words, practice an attentive mindset that enables you to recognize opportunities to compliment another person. Your assignment is to be mindful of other’s appearance, laugh, smile, attitude and actions so you can offer polite expressions of praise or admiration. Then, go ahead and DO what you’ve enabled yourself to do, be complimentary! Be brave enough to speak up, get their attention, share that compliment to their face! Take a photo and post it with our hashtags to encourage others to be “complimentable,” too!

#ripplekindness #beagoodperson #iseeyou #iappreciateyou #youareamazing


Why are we sometimes hesitant to offer compliments? Why are we so drawn into our digital screens instead of the living, breathing beings that are right in front of us?

I went to BIG-O Tire today to have our brakes and tires checked. I brought along my laptop so I could work on these lessons. I found a table and smiled and nodded to the ladies sitting in the waiting room. I asked for the WIFI password but couldn’t get it to work. I asked for help but even the employee could not get me connected. I asked the waiting women if they were connected. One woman reading a book said yes, but her phone had remembered from being there before. The second lady must have been working off-line. She had not connected but had been focused on her screen the whole time. Then the book lady said, “Maybe you shouldn’t get on the internet. What if you talk to us instead?” WHHAAATTTT?? I shut my computer without hesitation and smiled at them. We introduced ourselves to each other and within minutes they had both moved from the waiting area to the empty seats at my table. I learned that Fernanda, was the one who started the conversation, the other girl was Susan. We smiled and visited and shared how important actual human interaction was. Fernanda was reading a book about how God does everything with purpose and smiled while she shared a long story, and how the timing had worked out to put her at this table with us in this precious moment. She smiled and said she was so glad she was there with us! We all laughed! The atmosphere was truly “complimentable” as the moment seemed to be sprinkled with genuine joy!

If you need some conversation starters – here is a link to a blog with a list of 100 compliments.

  • Pay attention to “complimentable” moments around you
  • Look for open doors to share a compliment
  • Use your words – don’t just think it – SAY IT!

Word Study



A Toni-ism. A word coined by Toni to describe moments, or traits, that easily offer themselves to compliments being spoken.


a polite expression of praise or admiration.


capable of, susceptible of, fit for, tending to, given to. Used in English as a highly productive suffix (ending to a word) that speaks to the ability of something, such as in teachable (able to be taught); likeable (able to be liked); adaptable (able to adapt); knowledgable (able to gather and retain knowledge); laughable (hearing or seeing something that triggers a laugh); complimentable (a trait that inherently deserves to be complimented).


Same QR, New Content - EVERY DAY!

Week FIVE Daily Plan
Scan your QR every day to find new content. Print it, post it, share it! The QR code does not change, but the content does!

Learning Assets

My Goals This Week

  1. I plan to scan the KindnessQR each day this week and add moments of kindness to my life.
  2. I’m going to share the KindessQR with friend, family and co-workers.
  3. I will look away from my screen to look for complimentable moments.
  4. I will find ways to share random compliments to the people I meet.I will take time to share positive reactions and comments in my social media accounts.

Spread the Word

Send your friends to 1Mmoments on Facebook to join the cause of making a positive change in the world. Order stickers, hashtag your positive posts with #1Mmoments, be a beacon.


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About Human School

The best moments in life are those that illuminate our hearts with sparks of joy. One of these moments was when my great-niece Maegen shared her first diary page with me. She had just begun to write, and I bought her a pink “Hello Kitty” diary. She came to me and opened it to a page with a big smile. She had written 5 simple words that began my commitment to build Human School. She wrote, “You are my favorite human.” At the time, I didn’t remember people using those words. Doug and I immediately adopted a love language of saying to each other, “You’re my favorite human.” What a worthy goal, to be someone’s favorite human. Today’s society is filled with disagreement, people taking sides, and competition. In Darwins, The Descent of Man, he explained the origin of what he called sympathy (which today would be termed empathy, altruism, or compassion) as an essential part of human nature. The current social climate moves us away from our human nature to be cooperative and compassionate. Human School is designed to encourage and inspire the BEST of your human nature. Each lesson contains practices to establish new positive routines for your day with exercises to establish best of your humanity as routine. Are you ready to make a commitment to your humanity? This unique series on human school focuses on the practices of human kindness. When given the change to be right or be kind, let’s choose kindness. Take time to share this with your family, friends, co-workers, and customers. Our mission is to create decisive moments that transform the world around you. Thanks for joining me for Human School. Let’s practice daily kindness in our world!

Toni Blake

My Vision
My vision is to create a positive resource to move the world toward good with one million positive social posts hashtagged #1Mmoments. Then, when a person feels they can find no good in the world, they know they can go to #1Mmoments to see happy family, friendship, love, kindness, compassion, cooperation and love.
My Mission
My mission is to bring positive change to our world. I love the idea of the Butterly Effect and the power of one. That one small change in atmosphere can produce tremendous change as it gathers strength. One million moments of positive change in the world is about small moments with one person reaching out and sharing kindness, compassion and cooperation. I believe there are kind people all over the world just looking for a plan of action. Here it is! Thanks for being one in a million and transforming our world with kindness.


Let Toni inspire momentum within your team

Toni’s “laugh while you learn” approach has motivated, educated, inspired lives and companies for over 40 years, undeniably pointing their trajectory towards success.





Friends With Wings

Join Toni


  • Set a daily/weekly alarm to take your next Kindness Challenge
  • Ask friends, family, customers, co-workers and clients to join you in the Kindness Challenge
  • Create social posts and add #1Mmoments
  • Bring the Kindness Challenge to your company culture.
  • Practice kindness and help create one million moments of positive change to our world.


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