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“Since my first association program in 1982, I have worked hard to produce successful educational events every year for numerous associations across the country. This year, let me bring my expertise and enthusiasm to your city!” ~Toni Blake


Great Programs

Each year Toni features new programs with fresh innovative content that builds energy and excitement for your event!

Great Marketing

Toni provides marketing support with custom graphics and video marketing messages, PPT slides and email copy!

Great Social Media Marketing

Toni provides support tools for Tweets, Facebook & Blog posts, Youtube, Flickr, Slideshare, Google+ and Foursquare!

Great Vendor Support

Toni has established relationships with state and national vendors and will help you secure your Educational Partners.

Great Attendance

Toni Blake’s national name recognition and marketing increases attendance!


Seminar Descriptions (Affordable Housing)

Seminar Descriptions (Conventional)

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